What is root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment is to take away the pulp, is a small fibrous tissue at the center of the tooth. After retrieving all damaged cord tissue, illness or death, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and re-sealing. This trick to seal the canal. Years ago, these teeth are sick or injured cord must be removed. Today, root canal treatment helps keep teeth saved that would previously have to be removed.

The cause of injury or death marrow?
The most common cause of injury or death marrow marrow include:
Fractured teeth.
Ingrained in dental caries.
Dental trauma, such as being hit hard on a new tooth can occur either in the past long ago.
Once the cord was infected or dead, if not treated, can form pus in the root tip in the jawbone, forming an abscess. Abscess can destroy the bone around the tooth structure and cause pain.
How root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment process includes several stages, requires you to go to the dentist for an appointment several times, this depends on the state of your teeth. The steps include:
First is open marrow from the back of the front teeth, or molars occlusal surface of the small and large molars.
After taking out marrow disease, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, shaped widening and sealing preparation.
If more than one appointment, the doctor will put on crowns temporary filling openings to protect teeth between appointments.
Temporary filling is removed and the pulp chamber and root canals are permanently sealing. A streamlined material, rubber gutta-percha called are inserted in each canal, and typically are soldered to it with cement. Sometimes a metal or plastic rod is placed in the canal to support the tooth structure.
The final step, a crown is usually placed on the crowns were treated marrow to restore the natural shape of your teeth. If the tooth has broken too large, they may have to set the key for reinforcement before crowns.

Teeth are fighting lasted marrow?
The teeth were treated marrow and recovery can follow you for a lifetime if you take care of properly. Because that tooth decay can still occur on the tooth root canal treatment has been so properly oral hygiene and dental exams are necessary to prevent the problems that can occur.
Because no marrow to feed more teeth so the teeth become more fragile and prone nut.Quyet whether or fillings with crowns after root canal treatment or not is an important consideration.
The most reliable method to determine successful treatments marrow failure or X-ray film is to compare before and after treatment. This comparison will show whether bone continues or is being digested through renewable or not.
The purpose of root canal treatment is what?
The purpose of root canal treatment method is to preserve teeth:
- Cure for pain and permanent teeth do not hurt.
- Treatment for teeth is infection and not compassionate to infectious
How teeth need root canal treatment?
Teeth need to specify the root canal treatment when there is no recovery myelitis or dead pulp, pulp infection caused by polio: tooth decay, tooth fracture cleft marrow, sensitivity does not respond to other treatments, tooth follicles, tooth grinding ... visual aesthetic dental conservation aims performed it on the mouth chewing function and communicate without feeling pain exists causing decreased quality of life.
There is little choice in the treatment of root canal?
There are two methods in the treatment of pulp:
- Treatment of normal teeth.
- Treatment of the pulp once.
Pulp treatment process how?
The treatment of dental pulp at DDS is done the following sequence:
1.Kham, diagnostic mammograms.
2. Put about 2 days drugs or dead pulp anesthesia took root in place.
3. Open by drilling into the tooth pulp (molars or incisors depending on the anatomical tooth).
4. Do not get prickly needles taken out of the tooth pulp.
5.Xac the tooth length: Chest X-rays, root length measurement.
6.Bom wash thoroughly canal.
7.Sau drug several times to replace the tooth thoroughly turned medicine into the canal occlusion gutta percha by Endomethasoneva cone with modern technology in order to cut the canal.
8.Chup 3rd film to examine treatment outcomes marrow.
That 9.Sau Composite fillings ends with aesthetic fillings, amalgam or inlays, porcelain veneers Onlayhay optional physician.