1. Why grow skewed wisdom tooth extraction, grow underground?
Wisdom teeth skewed
Underground wisdom teeth cause accumulation of food and bacteria, which can lead to inflammation of the gums, causing swelling, pain, halitosis. Wisdom teeth overlapped offset position of the other teeth causing crowded teeth, loosening of teeth next to, sometimes leading to tooth decay or tooth loss side.
Extractions of wisdom teeth help you to avoid the long-term risk. And also help to become healthier teeth.

2. Teeth large broken weld should not spit?
Cavities / broken teeth not only cause bad breath, unsanitary but also affect dental aesthetics. With severe cases of untreated cavities unfilled endodontic tooth extractions will have to avoid unhygienic worm spread to other teeth and reduce pain.
Broken teeth should be large unfilled spit to avoid bacteria buildup, causing tooth decay or other oral diseases.

3. Teeth coral, khenh should spit?
The case lug teeth, tooth coral,  excessive teeth, ectopic need to be extracted to avoid unsanitary.
With the above cases, tooth extraction is not just a method but also help patients avoid the risk of infection to difficult dental hygiene in that position.
4. Excessive wobbly teeth should spit?
When teeth are severe periodontal bone loss, the supportive tissue is not enough to retain the tooth, the dentist will be forced teeth extractions intact though. With the old, loose teeth cause pain, difficulty chewing also need to spit.
5. The risk of delaying extractions?
Many patients are often delayed due to fear of pain or tooth extraction unattractive, but in some cases without extractions soon will unsanitary, causing bad breath, tooth decay spread.
The teeth need to be extracted case the majority are related to hygiene problems (wobbly tooth, teeth, wisdom teeth grow underground ... causing bacteria buildup; excessive teeth, tooth coral, teeth lug not only affects the aesthetics, but also cause difficulties during dental hygiene).
If delayed tooth extraction, the patient vulnerable to infections in the oral cavity, causing unhygienic, leading to bad breath. Bacteria constantly accumulates on teeth can also cause other teeth infections and systemic skeletal system, cause cavities, broken teeth spreading. Especially, deep teeth not only patients but also causes pain and poor cosmetic halitosis.
6. The reason for canines do wrong?
Fangs cause underground, misleading or grow slowly grow very complex. Primary causes: genetic, hormonal, radiation, cleft lips, teeth loss harmonious face, slow root formation, differences between regional development and maxillary premolars. Secondary cause: loss of incisors side guide (incisors inside underdeveloped or missing), trauma, tooth extraction too early, the teeth beside cell to lose around, ectopic tooth germ, reducing the size from near and far nose hole ...
Underground canines diagnosed based on clinical need and X-rays. On examination of the mouth can see whether or not milk but no fangs permanent canines although the other permanent teeth grow, touch can be seen in the palate swell.
X-ray examination as usual tip access, Panorama, biting drama, film shooting technique skull tilted remotely ... are necessary to assess the position and the axis of the upper canine versus mid and sagittal plane , help grow and prognostic capabilities orthodontic, if your legs are bent, this is an unfavorable factor for the orthodontic.
7. There should be removed underground fangs?
Underground canines if untreated can cause complications such as spondylitis, consuming around, midline deviation, pepper next tooth crowns capsule ... But canines are more important role teeth so important on offer except for cases of force majeure, it can not only retain the removed while other cases conservative treatment should pull the fangs out, rearranging its correct position.

8. Treatment underground fangs like?
Includes dental surgery revealed underground and dental manipulation.
Surgery revealed underground canines: Specified in the case of groundwater or slowly growing teeth, or are growing differences in the mucosal site. There are many surgical techniques such as cutting benefits, resetting local flap vestibular side, pushed towards the stem flap, flap slide sideways ... So choose the appropriate technique for each case an important step The first key.
Orthodontic tooth pulled out and rearranged position on the arch.
After revealing dental surgery, the next step we need to manipulation teeth. The goal of orthodontic doctors are making in providing dental teeth properly and do not benefit borders. Only conduct disclosed to straightening teeth and you have created enough room to grow fangs usually means conducting flattening at the end stage.
9. Complications may encounter when treating groundwater fangs like?
The complication usually involves braces fail, heavier is to intervene again, receding gums, bone loss, can sometimes target phenomenon crowns, root domestic consumption, consumption of neighboring teeth (central incisors and incisor side) and spondylitis.
Underground is a canine teeth abnormalities are common, need to be diagnosed early. Because it has many important roles in the occlusal and aesthetic should have to try to conserve where possible. In the course of treatment should strictly control periodontal status to ensure the aesthetic quality after pulling teeth.