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1. What is Teeth Whitening? Some people have gleaming white enamel, some will not be so. In general, stained teeth often as we age. Enamel can tarnish from food or drinks such as tea, coffee, wine ... and especially by smoking. Bleaching the teeth whiter without losing any of the tooth surface.
1. What is Teeth Whitening?
Some people have gleaming white enamel, some will not be so. In general, stained teeth often as we age. Enamel can tarnish from food or drinks such as tea, coffee, wine ... and especially by smoking.
Bleaching the teeth whiter without losing any of the tooth surface.
2. Why should whitening?
There are many different reasons to come to a decision whitening.
- Enamel, like hair, skin of each person, is an important aesthetic element.
- From time to time by the effects of aging, environmental and special diet by drinking tea, drink, smoke ... enamel will gradually yellowing, no shine, affecting every aspect of people, unnatural smile, less radiant.
- Some medications also left side effect damage tooth enamel, whitening teeth help regain natural white color.
3. The process of whitening how?
- You need to visit the dentist, check the status of tooth enamel.
- Dentist will tell you need whitening or bleaching may be not.
- Bleach White is the most common type used for bleaching.
- Under the effect of light or LASER PLASMA active ingredient in the drug operation will stick to the tooth enamel, stain and attack the writing makes the enamel becomes white, shiny.
- The process is done in a chair in just 1 hour.
4. Results after whitening how?
1 The effect of whitening can last from 3-4 years. However, the results also depend on the maintenance of foods, beverages or use the color you smoke or not.
5. You should whitening?
- Bleaching is a complex process, not any teeth also eligible to be purged.
- You should not buy bleach your teeth at home without the dentist consultations, because very easily lead to inflammation of the tooth pulp if you have neck worn teeth, cracked teeth due to hot food, cold drinks regularly, enamel loss teeth ... but you do not know. Moreover bleach whitening only works on natural teeth you, but has no effect on dentures, dental or dental porcelain coated.
- If your dentures are discolored (usually poor quality dental), you should contact your dentist to be cleaned, or other tooth replacement, the absolute discretion not use bleach teeth.
- One thing that should be noted is that nobody quality assurance bleach teeth floating in the market to sell, you should not arbitrarily buy without prescription of a dentist.
- To Dental DDS, you can rest assured, the leading dentists our advice and treatment, providing perfect results.
6. Bleaching trays with entrapment at how?
Bleaching at home, wear a self-whitening tray container at night in 1 to 2 weeks,
Appointment 1: client is sampled to generate content plaster, gypsum from this function to create personal bleach trays fit the teeth of the sampled teeth.
Appointment 2: customers are assigned and manual tray, bleach ...
7. The process of self-whitening at home how?
Step 1: Brush and clean the tray before putting on the mouth.
Then a small amount of drug sufficient bleaching gel form on the front of each tooth on the tray.
Step 2: Bring the tray into the mouth so that the teeth in the mouth tray and corresponding together. Avoid tray is moved.
Step 3: Use a cotton swab to clean the outside of the stain gel excess gum (if any). Wearing tray about 2-3 hours, or you can wear all night.
Step 4: Take the tray out and brushing to remove all traces back longer sticky gel on the teeth. Clean the tray under running cold water to a dry place.
8. The note when using whitening trays with entrapment at home?
Remember to bring your tray at night after finishing dental hygiene, drug investigations are on each tooth tray 1 is small enough. Time worn from 2-3 hours per day and only wear from 3-5 days. Your teeth will be whiter durable.
9. Sensitive Whitening can not?
Most people do not feel sensitivity after whitening. However, people with sensitive teeth often feel sensitive for a few hours after bleaching. If sensitivity uncomfortable evening may bring ê drugs or painkillers Floride, if still sensitivity extends to the dentist should be checked.
10. How long does teeth whitening?
Method whitening at the dentist about 60 minutes to complete and maintain approximately 7-10 days to wear.
Method whitening at home: typically 3-4 weeks. However, for the special tooth color, the time may be longer.
11. Where does the teeth may bleach?
Not everyone has the whitening (in the case of dentures or dental fillings, fluoride contamination level tetracycline or heavy, distorted dental tissue, hematological disorders, it can not do bleached teeth are shining) but most patients with healthy teeth can use this service.
12. Bleaching teeth can affect or not?
Whitening teeth only change color, does not affect the tooth structure.
13. How many types of teeth whitening?
There are two types of whitening:
- Whitening at the dentist (often combined with the energy of light: Laser, Plasma, LED ..)
- Self-whitening at home.
14. It should be eaten when whitening?
Avoid foods, beverages color (beef noodle soup, coffee, vitamins carrots ...) because while whitening ivory pipes are opened should be fast stains, and also avoid eating cold food and for easy ê sour tooth.
15. Bleaching teeth is not harmful?
Bleaching is not harmful to tooth enamel, on condition that the guidance and monitoring of the dentist, do not buy drugs to self-whitening.
16. How long white teeth?
Infected tooth color after bleaching depends on the diet (food color, smoke ...), the nature of the teeth and oral hygiene regime.
17. The degree of whiteness of my teeth look like?
Usually, for teeth stains from food, drink or age will be 2 levels in white to color chart. However, the dentist can not accurately predict the teeth will be white in color level because it depends on the degree of response of each person different.
18. Teeth were fighting with dark marrow whitening is not?
Normally for the tooth pulp treatment, the dentist will place a whitening amount of drug in the canal and in the drug several times instead of white teeth. However, for more complex cases, the dentist will combine whitening inside and outside the canal (carrying tray whitening).
19. Bleaching in the system can cause sensitivity Lumacool not?
In general, the process of bleaching does not cause sensitivity, only a few patients have felt a slight tooth sensitivity after bleaching. However, this is no longer appear within 1 day. Even the people who are afraid of dental procedures also found that this process can easily withstand. There was no heat, no needles, no drill, you can eat normally while whitening. Goggles will prevent the lamp light into your eyes.
20. A shift bleaching system Lumacool how long?
Within less than 1 hour, DDS dental clinic teeth whitening can give you.
21. Are your teeth will become more sensitive after bleaching?
This is a sensitive situation because the abuse of home bleaching products containing acids cause enamel damage. You may feel some stinging or pain, especially when eating or drinking hot or cold. This is completely normal and will reduce after 24-48 hours after bleaching. However, if this situation lasts longer, you should consult your dentist.
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