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tooth extractions

tooth extractions

If a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other treatment. Sometimes, though, there's too much damage for the tooth to be repaired. In this case, the tooth needs to be extracted. A very loose tooth also will require extraction if it can't be saved, even with bone replacement surgery (bone graft).


  1. Why wisdom teeth extractions deviation grows underground?
    Underground wisdom teeth cause accumulation of food, bacteria, can lead to gingivitis, causing swelling, pain, halitosis. Wisdom teeth overlapped the position deviation of the tooth causing crowded teeth, teeth wobbly side, sometimes leading to tooth decay or tooth loss side.
Extraction of wisdom teeth help you avoid the risk of long-term. And also help to become healthy teeth.
  1. Large broken teeth should be extracted unfilled?
    Cavities / broken teeth not only cause bad breath, unsanitary but also affect the aesthetic teeth. For severe cases of untreated caries endodontic fillings are not going to pull teeth to avoid unsanitary, worms spread to other teeth and reduce pain.
Large broken teeth should be extracted unfilled to avoid accumulation of bacteria that cause tooth decay or other oral diseases.
  1. That they, khenh should spit?
    The case lug teeth, tooth coral, canine teeth, teeth admit, ectopic need to be extracted to avoid unhygienic.
With the above cases, tooth extraction method is not only the patient but also to avoid the risk of infection by cleaning your teeth hard at that location.
  1. Excessively loose teeth should spit?
    When teeth are severe periodontal bone loss, the supportive tissue can not afford to retain your teeth, your dentist will be forced to tooth extractions despite intact. With the old, loose teeth causing pain, difficulty chewing and spitting need. 
  2. The risk of delays tooth extraction?
    Many patients are often delayed due to fear of pain or tooth extraction unsightly, but in some cases without extractions will soon unsanitary, causing bad breath, tooth decay spread.
The case must extractions majority are related to hygiene issues (foot loose teeth, tooth, wisdom teeth underground ... cause bacteria buildup, excessive teeth, tooth coral, canine teeth, tooth overshot not only affect the aesthetic but also cause difficulties during dental hygiene).
If delayed tooth extraction, the patient vulnerable to infections in the oral cavity, unsanitary, leading to bad breath. Continuous accumulation of bacteria on the teeth can also cause other dental infections and systemic skeletal system, causing tooth decay, tooth spread. In particular, deep teeth not only patients but also cause pain bad breath and bad taste.
  1. The reason for canines do wrong?
    Cause of canine underground, misleading or grow slowly grows very complex. Primary causes: genetic, hormonal, radiation, cleft lips, harmonious tooth loss, delayed tooth formation, development differences between the jaw and the maxillary money. Secondary cause: loss guide inside front teeth (incisors inside underdeveloped or missing), injury, premature tooth extraction, the teeth next to the cell to lose around, ectopic tooth germs, far from reducing the size nose hole ...
Diagnosis should be based on implicit canine clinical and x-rays. When examined in the mouth can see whether or not the milk canines but no permanent canines although other permanent teeth grow, touch can be seen bulging in the soft palate.
X-ray examination as usual tip access, Panorama, biting drama, film shooting technically inclined skull remote ... very necessary to evaluate the position and the axis of the upper canine compared to the mid-plane and sagittal help predict the ability to grow and orthodontic, if the root is curved, this is an unfavorable factor for orthodontic treatment.
  1. There should be removed underground fangs?
    Underground fangs if untreated can cause complications such as adhesive joints, takes approximately, midline shift, target next tooth crowns capsule ... However, the canines are more important role so important in providing teeth except the case of force majeure shall not be retained only for removing still other cases conservative treatment should pull the fangs out, rearranging its correct position.
  2. Treatment of canine underground like?
    Including dental surgery revealed underground and correcting teeth.
Surgery revealed fangs Underground: Assigned teeth in the case of underground or slow growing, or are growing differences in mucosal site. There are many surgical techniques such as cutting benefits, flap put in place the vestibule, pushing toward the stem flap, flap sliding sideways ... So choose the appropriate technique for each case is an important step The first important.
Orthodontic tooth pulled out and rearrange the position on the arch.
After revealing dental surgery, the next step we need correcting teeth. The aim of the doctor is making orthodontic teeth right on the tooth and does not provide beneficial co borders. Only conduct revealed to straightening teeth and you have created enough room to grow fangs often mean conducted at the end of the period of flattening.
  1. Complications may encounter when treating canine underground like?
    These complications usually involves braces failure, heavier intervened again, falling profit, loss of bone, sometimes there may be objective phenomenon crowns, root domestic consumption, consumption of neighboring teeth (central incisors and the incisors) and adhesive joints.
Fangs is an unusual underground teething very common, need to be diagnosed early. Because it is more important role in the occlusal and aesthetic should have tried to preserve if possible. During treatment should strictly control periodontal status to ensure the aesthetic quality after pulling teeth.

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