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Why is that? Simply because plaque and tartar around the body surface, the tooth was the culprit bacteria accumulate and cause gingivitis. Tartar removing is prevention and treatment of gingivitis.


Why tartar need to remove and is it hurt removing tartar?
This is a question that many people, be understood effects of tartar and effectively removing tartar gives you and make the right decision.

Tartar removing - gingivitis treatment effectiveness.
Why is that? Simply because plaque and tartar is constantly forming on the tooth surface, the tooth was the culprit bacteria accumulate and cause gingivitis. Tartar removing is prevention and treatment of gingivitis.
Initially just stick tartar above the crown - the part that we can see, you try to look in the mirror and look at the body side near the blade teeth. If you see a yellow or black layer seems that's crude supply and tartar. More and tartar accumulate as much thickened and spread to spread the root cause severe gum disease: beneficial swelling, redness, pain, bleeding when brushing or spontaneous bleeding, odor difficult do you have to lose confidence ... And tartar culprit occupied adhesion to tooth tissue as beneficial for dental benefits dropped and we looked long and soon shaken.

How to remove tartar? 
Dentist tartar cleaned survive long in the mouth. Will be able to take only one appointment is your mouth clean, but also to go back as many times as high as your teeth too much too thick not too hard to clean even the first date.
Do you worry that there will be pain and heavy bleeding u. Of course that will be a little bit ê, bleeding because your interests are inflammatory and pain if you are taking with hand tools. But by taking technique ultrasound tartar then your worries will be removed: less pain, less bleeding, do not hurt the tooth surface than hand tools. Ask him to be one the best care!
After cleaning the surface of the tooth tartar will be smoothed wrinkles putty help prevent the adhesion of food and mulch helps gum tissue adhesive back cover tooth to restore aesthetics and stability make the teeth.

Get tartar gives you benefits not only on the prevention and treatment of gingivitis, but also gives you other advantages:
   - Return mouth cleaner environment.
   - Beauty improved significantly: white teeth and significantly reduced odor.
   - Reduce the risk of other oral diseases: inflammation around the tooth, pressure - car benefits, cavities ...
   - Simple Trick, less complications that benefit from the removal of tartar gives us is huge.

So what can you do to prevent:
   - Get in the habit of practicing good oral hygiene: brush your teeth after meals, floss, mouthwash and brush       your tongue to clean plaque - food humus forms on teeth and tartar buildup.
   - Additional full of Nursing ding especially vitamins B, C.
   - From quit if you're smoking them - tobacco weaken the immune system and makes sticking to the teeth           tartar fast, solid tartar removal more difficult.
   - And remember to check periodically 4-6 months / time - the dentist will remove tartar buildup and new           detection and treatment of oral diseases other for you.
      That's what you can do to prevent tartar buildup, clean the mouth and against gingivitis.

Tooth Decay
1.     Fillings (fillings) is what?
Aesthetic fillings are dental procedures using specialized medical materials, inlays, offset partially or                 fully to the missing teeth due to caries or tooth breakage (tank) by accident.
        Called aesthetic fillings for filling materials today have the same color as the tooth color fillings, not                 only restore chewing function shape, but returned to the natural tooth color as the old, can even cover             up enamel defects (such as enamel pitting, discoloration ...)

2.     There are certain types of fillings?
There are three main types of solder used today, each with advantages and disadvantages:
        ·       GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement)
         Nature liberation flour should be able recurrent caries prevention. However aesthetic moderate and low bearing capacity, so often welded in position does not require cosmetic and not                                 bearing chew.
        ·          Amalgam
        Colored metal fillings (so called silver solder) to poor aesthetics, but also due to the nature of metal that can withstand very high power and durability. Use only soldering teeth chewing surface.
        ·          Composite
Materials composite fillings are now becoming increasingly popular because it just can withstand chewing forces well, just bring great aesthetic (like color tooth color, and there are many colors to choose from). However after about 1 year of use, solder pads will often discolored and may need to be replaced.

3.     These teeth are to be filled?  
        These teeth have the following expressions have the following fillings:
        -  There cavity.
        -  Day sinus humus ivory.
        -  The walls of the sinus drainage and retention are not food.

4.      Note and prepare the fillings?
       -  Brushing rinse thoroughly.
       -  While dental treatment, if something unpleasant to tell your doctor signaled by the finger.
       -  When dental treatment done, after 2 hours to chew inlays time freezing, dry (except sealant coincides with the optical light is used immediately).
       -  At home, as if nothing unusual reactions pain, aching, swelling, flaking or critical fillings, to return to the dentist immediately.
       -  If you have an appointment fillings, so the correct date, time, date (especially dental pulp killer set).

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