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The composition and the effects of the substance in mouthwash:
- Quality antimicrobial: cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine and phenolic compounds are substances that work to reduce bacteria in the oral cavity.
- The oxidizer and deodorant: sodium bicarbonate, chlorine dioxide has concealed and deodorizing mouth.
- The quality supply of oxygen: hydrogen peroxide helps kill anaerobic bacteria by providing oxygen to destroy them.
- Fluoride works to make teeth and prevent tooth decay.
- Substances that contain analgesic painkiller tooth pain, numbness ...
- Seals (ie buffer solution) to relieve pain in the soft tissues, reduces acidity in the mouth and dissolve the thin layer clinging to the oral mucosa.
However, mouthwash products also contain a large amount of alcohol (ethanol) at a rate of change of 6-27%. So if long mouthwash, mouthwash can cause a burning sensation in the cheeks, gums, tongue, increased risk of fungal infections, tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, dysphagia .. . alcohol also causes dry mouth condition that increases the risk of tooth decay; particularly high concentration of alcohol in the mouthwash has been linked to oral cancer. That's why the American Dental Association does not encourage the use of mouthwash merely that the oral hygiene should be combined brushing and flossing.
Mouthwash is not used for children because they can ingested, if large amounts can cause seizures, brain damage, and even death.
On the other hand, dental experts also said that the effectiveness of mouthwash depends on how to use them; because when used improperly, it has no effect, such as mouthwashes contain fluoride to prevent cavities, but the use for the purpose of removing plaque from teeth will not work.
When using mouthwash can also have side effects such as tooth staining, damage to the array fillings, taste disorder, periodontal, irritation of the tongue ... So be careful when using mouthwash , it is essential to brush your teeth regularly and properly, always use dental floss to care for and protect teeth safely.

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